Address:91 Belle Vue Road Shrewsbury
Postcode:SY3 7LY
Telephone:01743 350991

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Sporting & General Supply Co have been established since 1968. We sell a wide range of sporting shotguns and rifles.
We have a selection of interesting hammer and hammerless english guns.If your gun needs repaired we provide a full repair and fitting service.
We sell new and used guns Browning - Miroku- Beretta and other leading brands. Also available are knives and accessories.

A wide selection of air rifles& pistols with ammunition etc.
We stock the finest shotguns from around the world.
Check out all our latest gun deals and fantastic offers on accessories and scopes. Also offer of the month on our sporting gun range.
Privelage 76cm ic/im
We sell a variety of Scopes and Optics, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the samples below or any other optic types you require.
Diamon series- nikon

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